The Connection Between Your Emotions and Your Health

Our emotions are important messages that are sent to us by our minds about what we need to heal and live happy lives. It is a way of communicating with ourselves. Never repress, block, or ignore your emotions; instead, listen to them and their messages with loving compassion and understanding.

We often endure disease, illness, and chronic pain when we don’t listen to the emotional and mental conversations happening inside us.

Emotions are a natural response to our thoughts, feelings, and physiological experiences. They are intended to be encountered, digested, and processed through our body and mind, ultimately dissolving into the ether. Although this may seem easy enough, many struggle with their emotions and endure feelings of sadness, regret, shame, fear, or anger.

Many people grapple with releasing the past and surrendering to the magical unfolding of life. Some are so repelled by emotions that they bury them deep inside. But without realizing these emotions do not just disappear. When we do not reconcile our feelings or allow them to be expressed, they become trapped within our mind and body, causing us to expend enormous amounts of energy. In turn, this repressed energy obstructs the flow of information and depletes our vitality.

When we get sick or experience pain, our bodies are actually communicating with us, which can provide great insight into the emotional challenges we have in our lives. We have the incredible ability to heal just by understanding these messages to know how to move forward. Our bodies are talking to us all the time, and if we pay attention, we can consciously choose to translate and interpret the guidance being offered.

Rather than placing a Band-Aid on the symptom by drinking, shopping, overworking, or swallowing a pill, consider learning to spend time nurturing a relationship between your mind and body. Looking at ourselves holistically allows us to see there is no separation between our emotions and cellular makeup.

The mind-body lessons I learned the hard way (my life story)

Earlier in my life, I was miserable, or at least that was what I thought about myself. I believed that the people around me didn’t like me, didn’t want to be in any sort of relationship with me, or even didn’t want to have conversations with me. I perceived myself as an unpleasant, moody, rude, aggressive, unhappy, and unlikable person. I had a stressful job, unhappy relationships, and a lifestyle that was far from healthy. I was constantly tired and sleepy—I had to drink multiple cups of coffee just to get through the day. I couldn’t live without chocolate, as it was the only thing that made me happy. Despite being a medical doctor, I suffered from chronic headaches, gastritis, exercise-induced asthma, and unexplained infertility. I was dealing with acne without much success. On top of all of this, I hated myself. 

Few years later, I received loud and clear message from my body…It all began with a bump on my head and a bruise on my butt after I collapsed in my bathroom one Saturday morning while getting ready for my weekend job. After calling in sick and sleeping for twenty-four hours, I was back to my normal routine, but I was now really concerned about my health.

It wasn’t until I began my healing work many years later that I came to understand this was my body’s way of screaming at me to clear out the trapped toxicity and speak my truth. My illness was the catalyst for me to make rapid life changes. 

Tapping into your inner dialogue and working through emotions

When you feel a symptom, such as a stomachache, back pain, a headache, depression, or a skin rash, ask your body what message it is attempting to deliver to you. Describe the symptoms to yourself. What does it feel like? Listen to your body and have an honest conversation with it. For example, if I had a sore throat, I might feel a tight, burning restriction. What do you use your throat for? Communication. Therefore, you could ask yourself, “What am I feeling restricted to communicate? What am I burning to share?”

If I had a pain in my hip that was aching and my mobility was limited, I would ask myself, “What are my hips good for?” My answer may be movement. Therefore, I could ask, “Where in my life am I having difficulty moving forward? Where do I feel limited? What may be holding me back?” Each part of our body represents a different message, and if we fail to listen, it will eventually result in something serious enough that medical intervention may be the only way forward.

If we are able to acknowledge the messages our bodies are attempting to communicate with us, we most likely could avoid life-threatening illnesses. Imagine, you were trying to communicate a message to someone who could not hear you or who was ignoring you. You would likely repeat the message multiple times; eventually, you would get louder and louder. At first, we get occasional signs and symptoms that progress to more constant complains and diagnosable diseases or conditions at last. This is exactly how our bodies work.

The good news is that no matter how long we have been accumulating emotional pain, our essential nature is to be in balance, feel whole, and experience limitless potential. As we let go of the residue of past experiences, healing can occur. You can find more information about how to listen to your body by reading my book “Listen to Your Body and Regain Your Health”.  

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