The Evolving Story of Women


Are you a woman who is a trauma survivor, struggle with physical or emotional issues, and are looking for a safe place to talk with a community of women who have been there too? Well, you have found the right group! In this group we talk about our struggles or issues and help each other through it with support and empathy.

We invite you to our online private community group “The Evolving Story of Women Club” where we heal and grow together. This group is for women who want to heal their trauma, awaken their bodies and souls to the higher power and reclaim their lives back. 

This group is led by Master Teachers and Authors: Dr. Larisa Sharipova, Dr. Susan Kaye Ph.D, Healing Artist Regina Madsen and includes topics encompassing Mind – Body – Spirit. 

At these monthly group sessions:                         

  • You will learn to empower your soul and embrace what it is to be a woman empowered and honor your birthright. 
  • You will learn to acknowledge truths about your spirit and soul journey and have a foundation to create a life filled with love and joy.
  • You will have access to a full range of knowledge that the team has accumulated together with years of experience along their professional journeys serving others.                  
  • You will have access to our team of practitioners and healers for your personal questions that have needed answers for clearing up any issues of insecurity and self doubt.
  • You will create a personal healing journal for self nurture, realization and empowerment. 
  • You will be a recipient of a group intention for anything that you wish to overcome.

The Evolving Story of Women membership club consist of workshops on:

  • Somatic experiencing
  • Energy and holistic healing
  • Nutritional support 
  • Focus talk and touch 
  • Relationship tools for you with you and you with others
  • Journaling thoughts and feelings with guided color through art and meditative practices.
  • Power of eight as a collective intention principles 
  • Access to monthly speakers series 
  • Special discounts on our programs and services 
  • and much more

We meet online every month for 90 minutes.

Monthly Cost: $20.00 
You can choose an annual commitment for $200.00 and save $40.00!