No matter where you are in your life journey—if you’ve never practiced gratitude in your life, or if you teach gratitude for a living—this class will gently guide, encourage, and uplift you. It will give you everything you need to begin and maintain a simple gratitude practice in your daily live.

Together we will discover the enormous power of making the commitment to be grateful – every moment of everyday.
 This feast for your mind and your senses will be heightened even further by a continuous backdrop of dazzling images, depicting the rhythms and patterns of nature.  

How great it is that you can experience this magical, transformational journey from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere else you may find yourself over these next four weeks? 
If you haven’t already taken the first step to changing your life through gratitude, now is the time. As Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  You can play an important part in uplifting the consciousness of the world through gratitude.  

I invite you to join this extraordinary community today.


  • Short inspirational films of Gratitude with UNLIMITED lifetime access
  • Inspirational thoughts on Gratitude and its effect on all areas of your life
  • Nourishing & thoughtful assignments to help support your gratitude practice
  • Invaluable gratitude meditations and affirmations
  • Inspiration & suggestions to make your own gratitude practice
  • A daily moment to connect within others to share your gratitude on my Facebook Page 30-Day Gratitude Challenge

This gratitude challenge is designed to take only a few moments a day, so no matter your lifestyle, or what your everyday asks of you or where your energy is allocated, it will help you gently shift and peacefully transform your life. At The Holistic Health Academy, I feel that it is essential for my practice to be fulfilling, manageable, and easy—that’s why my courses are created with fierce simplicity. I am passionate about creating ways for people to find nourishment within their busy lives.

This is a 30-day, self-guided course. You will receive emails on each of the 30 days after you register, and of course you are free to move through the content at your own pace. As with any challenge, you need a cheerful crowd that can support and help you on your journey. So, join my privet Facebook community 30-Days Gratitude Challenge, connect and share your gratitude with others.

As my appreciation gift to you, here is your quick link to SIGN UP for the ride of your life!…….