Why did my body give up on me?

Before I reached 32 years old, I had migraines, chronic fatigue, allergies and digestion problems. My husband and I wanted a baby, but I couldn’t seem to get pregnant. I was still young but my health was on a downward spiral for no apparent reason.

One day I collapsed in the bathroom. At that point, I determined that I would find an answer to the question; “Why was my body giving up on me?’

You see, I was an OBGYN specializing in infertility, and still, I didn’t understand what was going on with me. All our test results showed both my husband and I were healthy and should be able to conceive.

The good news is I did find the answer. Read on to find out what I learned…

The EPA reports 87,000 new chemicals are produced every year. Most of them end up in our body in one way or another.

Do any of these problems sound familiar to you?

• Sugar cravings
• Depression
• Chronic fatigue
• Weight gain
• Infertility

Chances are you have them yourself or know someone who does, The problem is that many people suffer from them for a very long time and can not find a real solution.

I found an explanation for all of them, even why I couldn’t get pregnant. When I conceived our first child, I was on the right track. After struggling to have my second child, I entered training to learn the holistic approach to manage chronic conditions, so I could help others.

I learned about a group of chemicals called xeno-hormones that interfere with our natural hormonal balances. Hormones control almost every function of your body. Is it any wonder we feel so bad?

So, where are we picking up these xeno-hormones?

Here are just a few places:

• Tap water and bottled water
• Non-organic fresh vegetables and fruit
• Non-organic meats and dairy
• Shampoo, soaps, toothpaste
• Flame retardants in children’s clothing
• Cookware, utensils, and kitchen products
• Detergents, cleaning products
• Canned foods
• Plastic bottles
• Office products
• Baby products
• Toys
• Computers, televisions and electronics
• Carpet and linoleum
• Processed foods
• Dental sealants

Even the cash-register receipt you hold in your hand as you leave the store contains xeno-hormones. 

How do they work?

Some cause over-stimulation, making the thyroid or other glands work too hard. Others take the place of the true hormone and block the real one from connecting. The fake hormone messes with your system and havoc sets in.

Unborn children exposed to these xeno-hormones can have changes to the timing of puberty and make them more susceptible to disease all their lives.

Some say these effects could go on for several future generations, even if those chemicals were stopped right now.

Research found that many disorders and disease related to xeno-hormone exposure:

• Breast, uterine, & ovarian cancers
• Prostate and testicular cancer
• Decreased fertility
• Breast development in men
• Heart disease
• Type 2 Diabetes
• Obesity
• Thyroid Problems
• Endometriosis
• Uterine Fibroids

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During the Webinar:

  • I will help you become aware of these toxins so you can avoid them. 


  • I will also tell you how to get them out of your body now. 

Your health and the health of your family is affected by xeno-hormones and other toxins. Be sure to listen in to the webinar. These 60 minutes could save the life of someone you love and that someone may be you.

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See you there.
With love and support,

Larisa Sharipova, MD